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We follow all ANSI and OSHA standards.
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  • Consultation
    • Evaluate and inspect trees for hazards and safety.
    • Tree care assessment and recommendations.
    • Inspection for home development sites.
    • We offer consultations outside our service area at $75/hr.

  • Tree Pruning
    • Young Tree Pruning. Proper pruning is important for the developing tree. Trees that are pruned appropriately when young will require less corrective pruning when they mature and will develop with a stronger structure and a more desirable form.
    • Mature Tree Pruning. This is the most commonly performed tree maintenance. Landscaping trees require more care to maintain their safety and aesthetics. Arborists understand how individual pruning procedures should be done so that the tree responds to each cut in a desired way. Improper pruning can lead to lasting damage or even shorten a tree's life.

  • Tree Removal
    • Trees offer significant benefits for our living and working communities. However, under certain circumstances, trees become dangerous in terms of injury to people and animals, damage to property, as well as legal liability. As such, proper tree removal is something that should be left to the expert Arborist.

  • Cable & Bracing
    • Cabling or bracing can be used to add support to branches with weak attachment. In some cases, hazardous trees or branches can have cables or braces installed to provide additional structural support, prolong life, or reduce risk and liability.

  • Lightning Protection Systems:
    • Lightning protection systems are used to protect trees from one of nature's most destructive forces, lightning. Such systems have been used as far back as the 1800's but many people to this day are not aware that such protection is possible and many tree companies do not offer it. Lightning Protection is highly recommended for historic and heritage trees as well as trees worth protecting depending on their age, size, and species.

  • Emergency Tree Care:
    • Storm damage, clean up, removal

  • Treatment for Soil Compaction:
    • Drilling holes/vertical mulching.
    • Radial aeration.

  • Treatment of Trees damaged by Construction:
    • I can treat physical injury to the trunk and crown of a damaged tree
    • Treatment for severed roots
    • Smothering roots by adding soil
    • Treating split and broken branches
    • Monitoring for decline and hazards

For "Stump Grinding", I recommend Old Town Tree

If you are looking for one of the best consulting Arborist who also handles court cases and appraisals I would recommend Stoney Gray
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